Colin was born on a stormy evening in late august...

Colin, Age 3

Colin, Age 3

I credit most of my accomplishments to this day to my incredible mother and father. From a very early age I was encouraged to work with my hands, solve problems, and just create. Growing up I was always in the shop helping with whatever my dad would let me. He helped shape the craftsman I am today.

At the age of 12 I was apprenticed at a sound company in my hometown of Cary, North Carolina. At Blue1Music I learned the basics of sound engineering and spent many years setting up and running the board for festivals, musicals, and live bands.

My work in sound steered me towards Technical Theater when I began to attend William G Enloe High School in Raleigh, NC. I fell in love with live theater there. My sophomore year of school the Lead Carpenter of our program graduated and due to my background of construction I jumped at the chance to be in charge of building the things! For the next three years at Enloe I was able to hone my craft and continue to be sucked into theater.

My senior year of high school I finished a long time goal of reaching the rank of Eagle Scout. For my project I designed and led the construction of a storage unit for a local non-profit called InterAct. We cleaned out the all the clothing and boxes that had been piling up, organized them all, and after installing new shelving we restocked all the items. It was a rewarding project for a deserving organization. 

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The last four years of my life have been spent at The University of North Carolina School of the Arts. I have had the privilege of having access to an institution that taught industry standards and offered hands-on experience. The connections I made while there led me to former employment with Main State Musical Theater, the Santa Fe Opera, and Showmotion, Inc. With graduation fast approaching, I wait in anticipation for what the future may hold.